How Much Facebook Is Worth and Other Fascinating News on the Web


  1. Facebook Since the IPO

    Facebook’s coming out party was one of the most anticipated market events in recent history. It was also a massive flop. In the months that followed the company’s brutal first day on the market, the stock’s IPO price was cut in half. But things have changed. Analysts see signs that Zuckerberg and Friends have figured out how to make money in mobile and the market likes what it hears. Fourteen months after the IPO, Facebook’s stock price finally rose to meet its IPO price once again (although it has since retreated a bit).

    + Here’s Facebook’s roller coaster ride in chart form. It’s worth noting that the stock price seems to have spiked just about the time I unfriended a couple weird kids I knew in junior high.

    + It’s not often that a company’s inner workings and revenue-related decisions play out in such a…

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